Youth Group

The “Barnacle Blues” are our 6th–12th graders here at Spanish Fort. Their name comes from the Blue Whale. We know that our kids are supposed to be the “light of the world” and here at Spanish Fort we are helping teach, equip, and build their faith to be just that. The Blue Whale has the loudest call of any creature on earth and we are helping develop the call of Christ in our youth so that they can be that light to our world.

“The Barnacle” is our hang out house for devos, nerf wars, and a place we gather every Wednesday at 5pm for study hall. We invite members from the Spanish Fort congregation to come and help our teens with math, science projects, history papers or anything else our youth or their friends need. At 6pm we provide a meal for all the teens and from 6:30–7:15pm we have Bible class (read more about that on the Wednesday Night tab).

We meet in the morning at the Spanish Fort Starbucks every Tuesday 6:30–7am for coffee, a short devo, and prayer before school.

On Sunday mornings at 9am the “Barnacle Blues” are going through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Why? So that they are equipped to face the ever changing world in front of them and while they may feel like they are the only Christians around at times, just like the decline in numbers of the Blue Whale, they will have a deep understanding of the Bible as a whole. We don’t study “The Old Testament” and “The New Testament” but the Bible as a whole and how it all relates back to Christ and how that affects us in our lives every day.

Once a month the Barnacle Blue’s get together on a Saturday for a fun day that is kept secret from them. We will have nerf wars, day trips, fishing, swimming—it is a day of fun and fellowship always making time for God and His Word.

After study hall at the Barnacle and dinner on Wednesday nights we head up to bible class at 6:30pm. On these nights we are helping our teens develop their call, to be heard like the Blue Whale, so that they know how to be a Christian in every day life. We explore the teens questions and issues that they are having in everyday life. We encourage the teens to put questions in the question box and develop series based off their needs and struggles.

Youth schedule

We will be working on a summer calendar. Any input you have please contact us: (251) 250-8403 or

August 18  |  Spanish Fort AW
August 24  |  Back 2 School
August 30-Sept 2  |  Beach Trip

September 15  |  Gulf Shores AW
September 21  |  Saturday Surprise

October 19  |  Saturday Surprise
October 20  |  Pace AW

November 8-10  |  FUEL GCBC
November 23  |  Friendsgiving @ the Maynards

December 8  |  Azalea City AW
December 14  |  Christmas Party
December 27-30  |  EYC Huntsville, AL

January 12  |  Margaret St AW
January 18  |  Saturday Surprise

February 15  |  Saturday Surprise
February 23  |  Scenic Hills AW
February 21-25  |  Mardi Gras Retreat

March 8  |  Saturday Surprise
March 15  |  Rocky Creek AW (all day)
March 20-22  |  SOAR Augusta, GA

April 18  |  Saturday Surprise
April 19  |  University AW

May 16  |  Saturday Surprise
TBA  |  Graduation Party

More information to come: we are working on an area with more classrooms and more room for fellowship. As our group grows, we are growing the area with them. It is an exciting time to be a part of the Spanish Fort family we welcome you to come and grow with us and see all the exciting things to come.