Taking God to people—whether across the street or around the world, we want to share the good news of Christ with all the world.

The GNC receives and reviews applications for financial support for mission works, prayerfully considering each application, informs the congregation on the missionary efforts that have applied for support. In October of each year, the GNC organizes Harvest Sunday which is the culmination of the committee’s work with the applicants and the congregation’s opportunity to contribute financially to mission programs. Following Harvest Sunday, the GNC is responsible for distribution of the funds contributed.

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The Spanish Fort family has been blessed for many years to be involved in the expanding work in China. Our commitment is to send the most enthusiastic, loving, committed and engaging teachers available. This commitment has enabled us to teach with distinction and to build bridges of friendship in China for over twenty years. Opportunities abound outside of class to interact with students who will seek you out to practice English, learn about your culture and talk about matters of the heart.

We see a great need for ongoing Biblical teaching in the congregations of God’s people throughout Russia. Youth need a strong Bible foundation to know God and His love for them and His offer of hope. New Christians of all physical age need to secure their faith quickly by establishing regular study habits that familiarize them with foundational truths. Since 1999, Joseph and Sonia Rhodes have been working in Barnaul Russia teaching these truths in a way that considers and incorporates their Russia culture. The Spanish Fort family has been blessed to be a part of this effort.

The Spanish Fort family has been an active part of the Mobile Inner-City Ministry for many years through Bible classes and providing support for the children and their families. Students are brought to our facility weekly for a time of fun and study of God’s Word.

There is estimated around 210 million orphans around the world. The families at Spanish Fort are given the opportunity to be a part of the Christian Relief Fund by sponsoring a child. Our sponsorships help provide orphans and vulnerable children by providing food, clean water, education, healthcare, and spiritual training.

The WEI promotes the worldwide spread of the Gospel using innovative materials and techniques through the internet. The Spanish Fort family has been involved with WEI for several years. Many of our members teach students all over the world using the internet and the materials provided by WEI. People are being led to Christ all over the world by the efforts of a teacher who gives a couple hours a week to teach on the internet.